Habits that Worsen the Chances of Cellulite Accumulation

Cellulite Accumulation

Cellulite Accumulation

We have always assumed that only food habits play a vital role in determining the structure and physique of a human body. We fail to accept that a few habits as well have an important role that is played. This article helps us to understand the effects of certain habits. It helps us to realize the importance of healthy habits in our life.

Habits that can ruin your relationship with your body:

We are going to focus on three primary habits that include SMOKING, DRINKING. Smoking is one of the culprits for the formation of Cellulite under the skin. Smoking deteriorates the supply of blood that is circulated to the tissue and other organs of the human body. Smoking damages the connective tissue that is present in the body. It makes the skin lose the ability to regenerate and lose its elasticity. The blood vessels are thickened and become rigid, which means that there would be no free flow of blood in the systems. It would also create blocks that start accumulating the waste that is unable to be flushed out.

If you observe a smoker who has been smoking for over ten years you would notice that he looks much older than of a non smoker his age. Smoking contains tobacco and other chemicals that are rich in toxins and highly injurious to health. Smoking speeds up the process of breaking down collagen that is present in the skin thus making the skin sag and look older, it dehydrates the skin that it absorbs the moisture that is present in the skin making it look pale, dry and aged. The skin begins to lose its firmness. Drinking and Accumulation of toxins and cellulite go hand in hand.

Consumption of alcohol should also be restrained though it doesn’t fall under the “food “category it still falls under the category of toxin rich substances. Alcohol contains high level of calories and toxins and gets accumulated in places where the flushing out process becomes very hard. It not only damages the internal organs such as kidney and liver but also damages the outer surface which is called skin. The toxins that cannot be flushed out is stored as fat. Consumption of alcohol causes low amount of blood circulation in the body. Beer has the highest amount of calories present, which is why you would see a person who constantly sips on beer has a huge belly. As days go by it would be impossible for him to loosen up that belly fat or for that matter even losing a few inches would become a challenge. Toxins are very destructive to the skin and refuse to get flushed out of the system easily

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